Business Property Agent

Business Property Agent

Business Property Agent Are you thinking to gain more money? Or do you think that your income right now is not enough to secure your monthly cost? If it is so, then you can try to join in property business. Looking opportunity to be freelance business property agent can be a good idea to fins second job. Because it is freelance job, you can manage your own working time. If you think you have clients or new business prospects you can take time to do follow up so that you can make a closing deal.

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Is this a good job? Well, even if it is only freelance job, the commissary you earn is so tempting. Say you can get 2% bonus of every property closing deal. Let’s say the price of property you sell is around $100,000. It means you can get $2000cash as your bonus. You do not need to work anything. It is just simply make offering, find client, and give them some persuasive argument. You can join as freelance agent or freelance marketing into some nearest property developer near your town. However, you need to be sure about the working agreement and bonus payment before signing the contract.

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If you wish for constant monthly income, you can apply for marketing property. However, this is a full time job. This means you need to put concentration and more efforts to find new clients every month. But, you will earn more money and the bonus is usually bigger than agent. Usually, you will also get some car and cell phone from your office.