Equipment to Make Diesel Fuels Friendlier to the Environment

Equipment to Make Diesel Fuels Friendlier to the Environment

Equipment to Make Diesel Fuels Friendlier to the EnvironmentDiesel fuels contain sulfur. Some diesel fuels are low in sulfur. They only contain 0.035% or less of sulfur. Other diesel fuels are high of in sulfur. There is about 0.2% of sulfur found in them. The higher the sulfur, the more unfriendly it is for the environment. Sulfur has harmful environmental effects so that new standard is applied on diesel fuels. Fuels that contain 10 mg/kg of sulfur meet the Euro 5 standard. Meanwhile, those who have 50mg/kg of sulfur meet the Euro 4 standard. In consequence, fuel production company produce low sulfur fuels to meet these standards.

Unfortunately, low sulfur diesel fuels are not very friendly to the motor engine. Fuels that contain high sulfur have better lubrication ability so that they are friendlier to the engines. To solve this problem, anti-wear additives are introduced to the diesel fuels processing. This additive will make the low sulfur fuels have better lubrication ability. In consequence, these fuels are friendly to both engines and environment.

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Additive is not only used for making diesel fuels have better lubrication ability. Certain additive is also used for removing paraffin in it. Additive is added in fuel production to increase the octane. The process of removing sulfur from diesel fuels is called hydrotreatment. This process has low versatility. Additive blending also costs more than producing diesel fuels without hydrotreatment process.

Cutting fuel production expense

If you want to cut your company expense in producing Euro 4 or Euro 5 diesel fuels, you must apply the right technology. Applying the right industrial equipment will enable you to save your manufacturing expense. To reduce the production cost, you must choose equipments that consume less energy than your current fuel production equipments. You must also choose one that can perform the hydrotreatment process faster and in more effective ways. In consequence, your company can produce more volume of low sulfur diesel fuels quicker.

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One of the companies that offer you with efficient and effective blending equipment is Globe Core. This company provides you with industrial equipment to help you cut cost on fuels production. It doesn’t only offer you with equipments for sulfur removing process on diesel fuels. But it also offers you with other equipments related to blending system and fuel production. One of them is bioethanol blending equipments.

To remove the sulfur in diesel fuel, this company offers you with fuel oil blending system. This system will give you some advantages. One of them is simple operation. It has one pass process which is simpler than older blending equipments. In consequence, it enables you to save times. This system consumes low energy so that you can save your energy bills.

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If your company also produces bioethanol, you must try biodiesel blending product from this company. This product will enable you to produce diesel winter fuel, diesel arctic fuel, diesel summer fuel, and other types of diesel fuels. The equipments from this company are made as clients requested. Some of them are even used for producing shampoo and washing liquid.